Build the Stoli raspberry vodka, Kahlua coffee liqueur, Chambord raspberry liqueur and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Stoli Chocolat Razberi Vodka was introduced in October 2011. CRUSHED PINEAPPLE. #SavorStoliResponsibly . Country. Fill pint with Coconut Water. 16 global ratings. Drink Preparation: Using a pint glass, add ice to the glass. An interplay of balanced flavors make Stoli Chocolat Razberi Vodka an easy drink to sip on its own or over ice. See more ideas about Αλκοόλ, Φυτά, Κρασί. The Best Chocolate Raspberry Vodka Drinks Recipes on Yummly | Cayman Pink Sand Beach Cocktail, Raspberry Lime Ricky, Raspberry Vodka Mojito Choco Raz Holiday Fizz. 3 dashes of Chocolate Bitters. Stoli Chocolat Razberi (Chocolate and Raspberry) Stoli Hot (Jalapeño) Stoli Sticki (Honey) Stoli Chocolat Kokonut (Chocolate and Coconut) Stoli Salted Karamel (Salted Caramel) Stoli Gluten Free; Des boissons généralement commercialisées par SPI Group. Stoli • 7 Pins. The finest Stolichnaya vodka is combined with milk chocolate flavour and creamy, luscious coconut milk to create this tropical blend. whipping cream, Stolichnaya Vodka, ice, maraschino cherry, chocolate syrup and 1 more Stoli Pink Lemonade maraschino cherry, lemon wedge, stoli, stoli, stoli, cherry juice and 6 more Filtration: The spirit is quadrupled filtered through quartz, charcoal, quartz again and finally woven cloth to obtain the clarity and cleanness of Stolichnaya. A well-known Soviet brand, the ownership of Stolichnaya has been disputed since the dissolution of the Soviet Union between Russian state-owned company FKP Soyuzplodoimport and SPI Group, a private company founded and owned by Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler Dec 17, 2013 - Stolichnaya Premium Vodka has launched Stoli Chocolat Razberi, available exclusively in Harvey Nichols in the UK for £27.50. This video is unavailable. Get Stoli – Elit delivered near you in 30 minutes. Enter Chocolat Razberi by Stoli. Order now online or through the app and have beer, wine & liquor delivered. Stoli 's best boards. 13 Σεπ 2016 - Explore Demetris Plastourgos 2's board "Stoli Vodka", followed by 418 people on Pinterest. Then add the above ingredients in order as listed. Email. Find out how we use your information >> Please enter your details to make it easier for us to help you further. Customers Who Bought This Also Bought… Tell us what you think of Stolichnaya Chocolat Razberi. #SavorStoliResponsibly. Stoli. Summary. 1/2 oz. Flying Dreams - Helsinki Finland. Crystal clear in colour with marshmallow, mineral and mild fruit peel aromas, a soft, supple entry leads to a smooth, medium-bodied palate with pastry frosting, talc and citrus rind flavours. Stolichnaya Stoli Vanil Vodka Tasting Notes Nose: Elegant aromas of Vanilla pod, crème anglaise, and chocolate, with undertones of toasted buttery grain. It is one of 17 flavors, and the first of 3 Indulgent vodka flavors Stoli creates in Latvia. Submit. Top with half-and-half, and serve. Strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with a cinnamon stick, and serve. 3.9 out of 5 . ... 1 oz Truffles® chocolate liqueur 1/2 oz Stolichnaya® vodka. Rate this Recipe Select rating Give Stoli Strawberry Crushed 1/5 Give Stoli Strawberry Crushed 2/5 Give Stoli Strawberry Crushed 3/5 Give Stoli Strawberry Crushed 4/5 Give Stoli Strawberry Crushed 5/5 Stoli | THE Vodka since 1938. Signature Cocktail Cocktails Chocolate Raspberry Stoli Vodka Stolichnaya Vodka Chocolate Vodka Gifts Infused Vodka. The very word conjures images of rich, almost illicit indulgence, but add the zing of fresh raspberry and the seduction of the palate is complete. Stoli upholds the cherished tradition of triple distillation and filtering through quartz and Russian birch charcoal to give our vodka a superior taste unlike any other, unparalleled in smoothness and character. The very word conjures images of rich, almost illicit indulgence, but add the zing of fresh raspberry and the seduction of the palate is complete. Stoli • 9 Pins. Stir ingredients together in a mixing glass half-filled with cracked ice. Stoli Chocolat Razberi Vodka is aromatic and flavorful with rich chocolate and hints of raspberry on the nose. Pour into chilled glass. Rating: None. Sep 6, 2011 - Chocolate. Finally it is blended with artesian well water to create premium vodka of unsurpassed smoothness and bold taste. 21% (42 proof) Serve in: Highball Glass. Stolichnaya, or Stoli as it's known in the biz, is a Russian vodka known for its distillation process and excellent taste. Order now online or through the app and have beer, wine & liquor delivered. Thank you for taking the time to contact us about Stoli vodka. Customer reviews. Chill vodka and creme de cacao. We always enjoy hearing from loyal customers. Strong flavors of milk chocolate and vanilla lead to Stoli Chocolat Razberi Vodka’s ripe raspberry finish. Made with wheat and pure artesian well water, their vodka is distilled three times and filtered four times before natural flavors are added. of Stoli Vodka (Chocolate Coconut). The Choco Raz Cake cocktail is made from Stoli Chocolat Razberi vodka, lemon juice and hazelnut liqueur, and served in a chilled cocktail glass. 1 1/2 oz. Chocolate. Stoli Vodka was craft before craft was a thing. It finishes with a clean, lightly sweet, sugar dust, wet straw and balanced pepper fade. Stolichnaya Stoli Chocolat Kokonut can be enjoyed ice-cold neat, with club soda, or used to create delicious cocktails. It is then poured in a frosted bottle at […] of Velvet Falernum. Made from wheat grain, rye grain and artesian water, Stolichnaya is triple-distilled and filtered through sand, quartz, charcoal and woven cloth. Chocolate Raspberry Martini re... 1 1/2 oz Stoli® Razberi vodka 1 oz white creme de cacao. #StoliTHEVodka. STOLI ® GOLD. Jul 2, 2014 - Stoli® Vodka is the original premium vodka that combines modern distilling of the highest quality spirit with century old traditions to create its bold character. An easy drink to make and an easy drink to consume. Few other vodkas in the world have a more labor-intensive production. Stoli ® Vodka is a classically styled, exceptionally smooth vodka. Shop high-quality unique Stoli T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. 23% (46 proof) Serve in: Cocktail Glass. Stoli Chocolate Coconut is a most original union of the exotic and pure indulgence. Raz and … One of the web's largest collections of Stoli Vodka cocktail recipes, with a list of the most popular drink recipes in this section. A chocolate and raspberry flavoured vodka from the stalwart Russian producers Stolichnaya. Watch Queue Queue Dans cette partie, c’est bien la version russe FKP qui est dégustée. 3.9 out of 5 stars. Mix pour back and forth into another glass, since the Falernum will sink to the bottom. Stoli Vodka is filtered four times — through Russian birch charcoal and quartz sand. #StoliTHEVodka. Stoli. The Choco Raz Holiday Fizz drink is made from Stoli Chocolat Razberi vodka, agave nectar, club soda and raspberries, and served in an old-fashioned glass. Stolichnaya (Russian: Столичная, also known as Stoli) is a vodka made of wheat and rye grain. The ingredients are: winter wheat, soft water and yeast. Stoli • 39 Pins. Stoli Chocolate Razberi features sweet, rich milk chocolate and clean vodka characters in balance with ripe tart fleshy raspberry, creating a creamy-silky texture on the palate. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. Following in the tradition of the other flavours in the range, Stoli Chocolat Kokonut combines sweet coconut and chocolate with Stolichnaya's premium vodka for a beautifully flavoured spirit. NOBREAD Cocktail Recipes! Review. Stolichnaya Stoli Chocolat Kokonut is the most original union of exoticism and indulgence. Fruity and very rich. Enjoy on ice, with club soda or as part of delicious cocktails. Stoli Cocktails. Add vodka and lemonade, stir, add ice, and garnish with basil. Drinks with Chocolate Raspberry Vodka (5) Choco Raz Cake. Stoli Chocolat Razberi includes sweet rich milk chocolate and clear vodka with ripe fleshy juicy raspberries that gives the vodka a creamy silky texture on the palate. Jul 24, 2012 - Stolichnaya Premium Vodka is the world’s most original vodka, enjoyed by the world’s most original people. 678 Followers • 37 Following • CRUSHED RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT. Stoli • 26 Pins. Get Stoli – Russian Vodka delivered near you in 30 minutes. Name. Palate: Palate brings a creamy sweetness to the fore, but it is light and balanced, with cocoa powder, white pepper and sweet spicy notes. Follow. Enter Chocolat Razberi by Stoli. Our finest vodka is coupled with the sweet flavor of chocolate and the creamy heart of luscious coconut milk to create a tempting tropical blend. Finish: Lingering finish. THE Vodka since 1938. Fabrication et dégustation. Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. We combine ultra-modern distilling of the highest quality spirit with century old traditions to create the bold character of The Vodka. Temptation in a Glass: Chocolate Razberi, Stoli’s Latest Flavorful Vodka.
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