Concrete Slab Prices By Size A typical concrete slab will cost between $113 and $126 per cubic yard (27 cubic feet) or $5.35 to $6.17 per square foot on average. - Coloured concrete costs $75 to $95 per square metre. Knowing the concrete Charlotte costs is recommended before starting a concrete project. Geographic location, experience of the crew, and size of the company can impact labor pricing. This usually costs $.20 – $.30 per square foot for the material. A standard concrete driveway typically costs $4,000 to $8,500 while a colored or stamped drive can cost significantly more. Contractors benefit from special pricing and discounts. A thicker slab requires more excavation, reinforcement, and concrete, all of which contribute to a higher cost for a thicker slab. To calculate the cost of your new driveway, consider the size of the area needed using some indicative sizes: Single car parking space = 3m wide x … ft. Thus, your cost to pave a 2-car driveway of 16 feet wide, and 40 feet long (640 sq.ft.) Copyright © 2019, CEMEX International Holding AG. This can vary depending on how thick it’s applied and the region in which you live. Want to get an idea of how much concrete driveways cost in 2020? While the rate sounds high, concreters use expensive equipment that speeds up the process and keeps the overall concrete cost per m2 or m3 down. Using those numbers, Danis says pouring concrete onto a 10 foot by 30 foot driveway would cost about $2,500 when you factor in the square footage and the additional cost of mobilizing all of the equipment. For a 4″ slab a fiber or steel mesh is often used for reinforcement to prevent cracking and support the weight of vehicles. Concrete block driveway cost. Portland Cement Association, Driveways,,, The Correct Concrete Driveway Mix, Installing a concrete driveway is a job any homeowner won’t want to have done more than once or twice during their lifetime, so it’s essential to ensure the concrete used is the best available. A typical CBP driveway can cost between £45 – £70 per square meter. You can expect to pay $8 to $18 per square foot, depending on customizations like different colors. The average cost of a concrete slab (6 inches thick) is $5.00-5.50 per square foot, including materials and labor. Use our concrete driveway calculator to determine the cost of concrete for projects such as paths to private garages, carports or houses. Just plan … Calculate how many pavers are needed for a patio or walkway and estimate the cost of materials. Four to eight inch thick concrete slabs are mainly used for driveways, patios, sidewalks, and garage floors. Use this page to get an idea of how much a driveway will cost. That includes about $3 to $4 per square foot of materials and $2 to $3 per square foot of labor. See average costs and learn more about what factors determine the price. A concrete driveway 90 feet long and ten feet wide would be around $1800 for materials plus an additional $2000 or so for labor, for a total cost of nearly $4000. Estimate the gravel and sand needed for a paver patio base. will be about $3,200 – 3,520. However, the cost of a concrete block driveway will vary depending on the size, the quality of the materials, and the contractor’s individual prices. Our concrete driveway calculator can help estimate the amount of material and material costs for your project. - A sloping surface costs around $10 more per square metre than a flat surface. In addition to giving the expected cost of concrete driveways, the calculator will give you a good idea of the cost to lay a concrete patio, pool patio, concrete floor, garage slab or footpath. A ready mix concrete driveway can be cast into different shapes and colors and provides unmatched durability in terms of compressive strength and resistance to weather extremes. 106 Bell Parkway, If you want to accurately estimate your concrete driveways costs before speaking to a professional contractor then read on. How much does a concrete driveway cost? The strength of concrete is measured in pounds per square inch, or psi. A concrete driveway costs from $8 to $18 per square foot, depending on decorative colors and finishes. Since concrete is priced by square footage, the shape and size of the area will increase/decrease the cost. Use a gravel calculator to estimate how much you’ll need. [4] Adding sealant will add about $2 – $3 per foot of joint for the sealant and backer rod. The length multiplied by the width is what’s known as the square footage. Applicable sales tax is not included in the price. in. The price ranges depending on the complexity of the concrete desired. However, the final price is dependent of many factors such as the style of paving blocks, the … Use our concrete driveway calculator to determine the cost of concrete for projects such as paths to private garages, carports or houses. Use our rebar calculator to get a more precise estimate. It takes quite a bit of time to do well and requires much more skill than a standard driveway pour. Length. For driveways that will only be used for cars and small vehicles a slab with a 4″ thickness is sufficient. Get free cost estimates from concrete contractors near you. The national average cost to install a concrete driveway is about $6 a square foot. Assumptions: Asphalt cost: $4.00 per square foot. Concrete Driveway Calculator Use our concrete driveway calculator to determine the cost of concrete for projects such as paths to private garages, carports or houses. In addition to concrete, a base of crushed stone will also be needed, which can cost $15 to $20 per ton on average. Continue reading below to learn more about what to expect for a concrete driveway project. Block paving driveway cost calculator Use our driveway paving cost calculator to estimate the price for your new driveway, patio or block paving project. This Concrete Driveway Installation Salt Lake City Quote Includes: Average labor costs to repair a driveway in Salt Lake City, Utah. You should be aware that concrete is measured using cubic yards. Calculate how much concrete you need with our calculator. Selected material poured to a 4" depth, steel mesh reinforcement, and gravel base material. Cost Calculator; Types of Concrete; Contact; Decorative Concrete Exposed Aggregate Seeded Pebbles. Before hiring any contractor, find out the strength of the concrete they mix. The average cost for the labour of installing a concrete driveway usually falls somewhere between £40-£50 per m².

driveway concrete cost calculator

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