Brix level of around 11 I just wanted to let you know my plants have arrived today as promised. My dahlia cuttings arrived this morning. Tall and bushy with lots of lovely branches, the stump cut nicely, it stands up nice and straight And smells absolutely wonderful-thank you so much for helping to make this Christmas very special for us all-we have decided to order our tree from you every year now. Just to let you know the trees arrived yesterday and are now planted out. Rosemary, Sage, RAISED BEDS We re commend planting them at 1.8m / 6ft apart. of 5kg maximum. I heard of your company from my daughter who bought some of the same lavender earlier this year. Raised Bed Calendar, TECHNIQUES Thank you so so much, our plants arrived today. This was in contrast to some shrubs I ordered from another company which didn't match their online description. Its flowers are mauve to pink turning white, unlike Chester's which remain mauve. The trees were planted in memory of my husband who died last year so the care, attention and patience you gave this order are very much appreciated. Compare Raised Beds This is an upright growing variety which is only available from Both are sweet Outstanding. No code required, they will identify that you have come from Marian, Hi there, A true heritage plant from the famous John Innes Institute. I will maybe go for an early fruiting blackberry Helen. Mustard It exceeded all my expectations. Black Satin is too acid as is Thornfree. Broad Bean Buy bare-root plants – called stools – in winter. Great for growing in a big container and very hardy. We will be planting them tomorrow. I am writing to tell you that my Hidcote Lavender plants arrived on the day you said they would - excellent service. Spinach Best varieties of blackberry plants to grow in the UK ‘Bedford Giant’ An early-fruiting variety producing large clusters of flavourful, round berries from late July to August. I’m thrilled that they’ve arrived, looking perfectly happy, and can’t wait to bed them in later over this weekend. Excellent customer service - couldn’t be happier. It has had some compost put around its roots in a breathable bag for this evening and the rhubarb root planted in a pot; I won't plant that out until Spring is around the corner. All arrived yesterday, in the best plant packaging I have ever seen!..Thank you! Many, many thanks, Good evening I'm emailing to saying thank you for your excellent customer service. Only Navaho is as popular as Chester and recommended for quality as nutrition and more maintenance than Bigandearly which is far less fussier to soil conditions or your neglect. We won't forget the year that we planted this tree, but it's already a little beacon of hope, that it will still be there, fine and healthy, when these difficult days come to an end. selected part of the garden just put out leaf growth and stopped flowering as its runners spread underground at an undesirable rate like Dear Mary, Mae and Sarah With kind regards, Delighted to have them. Thornless varieties plant 8' apart, thorny varieties plant 10' apart. Chester  is a floricane variety (produces fruit on last year's stems). Thank you so much - they are giving so much pleasure. so as a rule after mid Sept I chop the plants down. It was so well-packed that it took me almost an hour to unravel all the tape, bubblewrap and such. We managed to get them planted this evening and they look great. Beautiful healthy plants to add to previous orders. It doesn't do it now and thankfully just put canes out from the centre. Jargon Buster Fantastic, the roots were almost as well developed as the rest of the plant. Also it is very forgiving of any soil type and immensely disease resistant with good winter hardiness of minus 20 Both are good growers with attractive flowers and give fair yields. Your/our tree arrived in perfect condition this morning and was planted, fed, watered, staked, rabbit-guarded within a couple of hours. is disease prone and needs good soil maintenance to achieve a good yield. / Links, Copyright 2010 - 2020. Delivery was efficient, the 12 Rosa Ragusa carefully packed and healthy. You get the biggest selection: Many trees are not sold pot-grown. There are no known disease problems with this variety and we would The yield is huge, flowers a pretty pink white hue. It looks wonderful and I can't wait to see the leaves, blossom and fruit come out. The tree looks great. I just want to say thank you very much for my excellent quality plants. and should be ready mid July. Great specimens and very well packaged, we’ll be back for more later. orange rust, but rare. damaged by heavy showers or fail to open due to aborted pollination. Thank you. I appreciate your high standard of customer service and hope to buy more trees from you in the future. This Navaho has some Thank you. All your staff have been most helpful and courteous . But I am absolutely thrilled with my Rowan tree planted in my front border recently. and appreciated The suckers are quite spindly and easily removed mind you. Received my plants this afternoon :) thank you very much, they look lovely :) Just need the rain to stop so I can plant them. Picture Gallery For maidens, I'd expected trees either 5ft or a bit shorter, similar to ones received from other suppliers in the past. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer. Very pleased with the plants - and beautifully packaged. about 9 to 10. C. Hi all at Ashridge! I wanted to say how much I appreciated each communication I had with your staff - all helpful and pleasant. Joan, I just wanted to thank you for my order. It was easy to handle and the plants were held firm. They arrived in good condition and are resting in pots in the cold frame just now. Arrived as stated, could not be more pleased. The tree looks splendid and will make a fine feature in the garden. Hello Ashridge Folks It seems a shame to have to take it down but we will definitely be ordering one from you next year if we are at home. Barry. Our trees arrived safely yesterday, for which many thanks. Yields are moderate 4 to 6 pounds per plant on two canes Hedge planted - am delighted . I can't recommend Navaho plants for the long term and will grub them out in Autumn. Dear Ashridge team