Depending on the look your going for, I think a flooring the same color as the grout in the fireplace would be beautiful. We continue having a look at the best spaces with wooden walls, and this roundup is dedicated to living rooms.. As for living rooms, a wood wall is that one that catches your eye when you come in, or it may be a fireplace wall. Matching the old with new would NOT have looked right. ZmRlYmI0ODBhZTE3ZjUyYWE0ZTcyMDRmYzhhMTM2Y2I0ZDcxZDBjYWYzZjVm NzVjYjc0MWEwZjQyNDAxN2ExNTIwMzcxNWUzNDdhNWIyZjIzZGUwZTRjOWVm ZWVmN2FkOGEzYjlkM2NhMDIwYWQ3Y2Y0ZDY0NTU0YThmMjIyM2NjZDNhNmFj By the way, I love the way the wood is on the diagonal! Wood is one of the best materials to use for home decor because it’s timeless, cozy, chic and adds interest to any space. whitewashed planked wood floor with a matt finish for a bathroom. I decided on 6" oak w' a semigloss finish. ZDRlMDNhZjIxYWEzYWJjZWRmZGY2YTQ3ZTMwOWVkODA5OGYzOWJjMTM5YTYz I know you are on a budget being in the service, and by the way, thanks for your service, my hubby is retired Air Force.,,,, Don't Ditch Your Broken Teacups Til You See What People Do With Them. I would leave the fireplace stones and clean them up too. Also, wall accessories would brighten it up, too. A heated tile floor is ideal choice for this space. Yes, Dark hardwood floors and gray walls are all the rage these days. Prefer the plank look? No room can ever have too much wood. Doing a soft faux to the floor might work as well. Natural touches abound in the space, from the leather couch to the chandeliercrafted out of antlers. MWFiZTFmNDVjODA0NTA5NzI3MWViYTU5YzVkNmJhMWViNGI3NzNiYjc3MTA3 Thanks, Connie. ZWY0NTQyN2ZlZmY0NmJkYjUyN2JlYTkzNjVjYmNjNzJhZjZjMzYyZDEzNjYy If you paint that - or in some why change the color - it will soften the look a LOT. It would just like a different color of stone; and, a different color of stone would tone down the orange in the rocks. I had narrowed my choices down by buying singles of various tiles at big box stores. Beautiful home! Finish by drying the floor … It blends into the wall. Agree with the suggestion to clean your wood walls. @DLynne The stone is real, and i have a friend who stains concrete so I will definitely look into that. WE HAVE BRICK LIKE TILE IN OUR LIVING ROOM AND KITCHEN. Develop a natural, evolved look in your home with items that go together comfortably but do not match exactly. MWM5Y2Q0OTc3NzM0MjhkZTc0MDk0NTM4OTVjNzkxN2U4M2IyZWNmMTQ1NWE4 I have seen a remodel on HGTV of a log cabin with all log interior and the owners had slate floors installed. However, maybe you could spring for an interior decorator to come in and give you some ideas since you have soooo much wood to deal with. You really need to make the room cheerie with so much dark wood. Custom and vintage furnishings, art, and accessories give the space character and a layered and lived-in vibe. Regarding the floor - Wide plank, hand scraped, DARK floors to play-off the dark thread in the paneling. Thanks. When you appreciate the cabin style created by abundant wood features, running hardwood flooring throughout a home full of paneled walls seems like the obvious choice. Again, a more neutral fireplace would bring subtle attention to it and not compete with the walls. Ask me how I know....been their done that. I think you can create a very dramatic room if you did that. I definitely would not use wood floors. Dark hardwood flooring (e.g. dark grey weathered wooden floors work perfect for a rustic bathroom. I think the home is fabulous and has that great Back Woods look. MWUxMDJjNGIzZDA5MjM1MzJlMTNjOWNlZWU5ZjNlNTMyZGEzNWM3Mzg1NGU4 Install wood flooring on walls quickly and easily. Our architect and decorator suggested we put in a slate flooring and then use area carpets to anchor the furniture - … Arthur Dyson Architects Save Photo Elevation changes are great places to change the flooring and define areas without dividing them. MGQ0OThlZWIxODg5ZTEzZTIwZGU2YWFmZTBkZWE1NmZmM2VjY2UyM2JjOGIz While it isn't what you need, I used a laminate flooring that looks like tile and it looks beautiful against the 80 year old oak floors. BEAUTIFUL. Choose from dozens of floors that are approved for installation on walls. MGYyOWM1Y2E0ZDI1MzU3NDRkZjYiLCJzaWduYXR1cmUiOiI4NTZlYjQ0M2Vl @Connie Thank YOU Connie and everyone that serves in our military. The one at Yosemite. @Connie Connie that depends on your style, and decor,Are you rustic ,modern do you like a mix of both.Do you have antiques. So then I would change the railing up top, travertine would give youa fresher look. NDM3ZDhmMWYwNWE1ODI3YzgxY2Y5Yzg3NDEwZjQ1NGY2ZTA4NDUwMzI4Nzlk Embrace the natural appearance of the tones in the room, but don't put in heavy or dark furniture {good luck with lighter tones with kids or if you have pets}. Simply upload your own photo (or select one of ours), then try on hundreds of floors, paint colors and stains. Too much wood-too bland for me at least. I love this room, I would clean all the wood that is there and see how really beautiful it will turn out. Wall panels are a stylish way to not only add the warmth of wood to your walls, but also to add depth and textural detail. Since the walls are so patterned I chose rift and quatersawn 6" boards for a less patterned look than regular oak and ordered it online for the best price. I haven't ruled out the idea of staining or whitewashing it though. The beige carpet is fine, just find a great rug to place on top that has some great bright colors. She helped me "see" what I needed in combination with what I wanted as they sometimes aren't the same thing. Why don't you let the floors remain as it is and instead concentrate on different types of rugs. Each type of wood has a characteristic color and grain pattern, and the color also can be altered with stain. The carpet looks to be in good condition and replacing the flooring could then be a lower priority item. I think larger distinct pieces on the walls are your ticket to making it work. I love your home I have always wanted a home on this very idea it looks like a chalet that should be in the mountains :). Flagstone would be awesome, would hold the heat from the fireplace and be very natural. What questions should we ask to find a reliable and honest contractor? YmMyNDVlYWE2ZDcxY2U2ZjE1YjQyYTk1MTY1OWEzYTA0ZWM1NGVmZmUwZTM0 I like that it doesn't look like "painted stone" but just a different color of stone. The "original" house has oak floors underneath the carpet. Hate to belabor my answer, but suggest you NOT paint the beautiful stone, ONLY the grout. At this point you can add mirrors along with artwork but keep the colors neutral and whites. Since the paneling dominates the room visually, it isn't a good idea to upset the color balance by introducing cool colors, such as blue, gray or off-white. The vertical narrow wood panels create an advanced and modern visual effect of the place, and provides it with chic and bold appearance, which is clearly visible. So easy to clean! I would not use wood floors as they would be "too noisy" and compete with the walls. Check out your local college. MzZkYWQ0OTViZjliYmZhNjEzZjYzMTM0OTEyYTkwZmViZGM3NDRjMDNiZTBl Depending on what kind of a sofa you have, throws could be added to give it color. I am really happy with the choice as the shine counteracts the heaviness and dull finish of the yellow cedar walls and gives a mire finished feeling to the rustic nature of the rooms. Snap a Photo . Then, go back over the floor with a clean, damp mop to remove any excess cleaner. WhenI saw the railing I immediately thought ofblack iron. Maybe paint the stone fireplace to make it an accent point for the room, but be real careful about the color you pick. I like Sheree's idea about a heated tile floor, but if you need softness an easy to clean wall to wall carpet would be a good choice too. -----BEGIN REPORT----- I would go with a very neutral looking tile for flooring if you replace it. No dark floors, please. Mahogany furniture is versatile, creating a warm-tone harmony when a warm wall color is selected, while partnering... mahogany flooring - … Hope that helps. OR you can Select a couple of modern colors and make pillows, add a couple of modern rugs in those colors, but keep it confined to a couple of colors with one as the main and an accent. This color of flooring also looks good with pastel-colored walls with a hint of color, such as a gentle mauve or a baby blue. ZmVmZjBmM2QwNDIwNzhkNjUxMTg1OGMzY2E2MmE2NmY4NmNlYzZlOWI0NGM1 And that way you would not have to worry about embers floating out onto the carpet and catching fire. Clean the stone of course, but once you paint it is hard to go back. Rustic and light wood panel walls and ceiling are just the perfect choice for creating a modern living room with a warm and cozy ambiance. At least regrout matter - the black grout has to go. After all that I would then decide if the stone on the fireplace needed a lighter color. white furniture is what I used in a flip house and everyone went WOW when they walked in. Think of a modern materialscombination and your blank sheet is rough cedar wood or smooth wood with recessadjustable lights with white trim. Have fun. Swap out the lighting in the room to read 'woods' - I'd take a look at the Ahwahnee Hotel for inspiration . Thank you all for your suggestions you don't know how much this is helping me. -----END REPORT-----. But I am in awe how much this looks like the hgtv dream home in Tahoe!! This alone may naturally lighten them. NWZiNWYzNWU4YzUyYzZjMDIxMDUyM2Y4N2E0NTg0MTM2MWI4MzJiMjFhZDIw Thanks @Elizabeth Sagarminaga you maybe right and it would actually save me more money by not replacing the floors. I am in the military and won't be home to start the work for 2 more months, but I will definitely keep you all posted on my decisions. Looking at it this way is difficult to determine that. ZDI3NTNhOGYxNTI1MmJkNDJjMmQ3Njg1MzE5ZDg2MDA0MTU1NThmZGIzZjRh ZDYzNDMwOGYwMzA0MzFmZTRiNjY5NjNkOTE5NGIzN2FmZjQ5MjhjOWE5NWYz You will have added support for the screws bearing the weight. A large piece of art in the style you decide on will totally distract the grout, IMHO, and hang other items or set tall items on the hearth side areas. ZThjMmRlZDAwYWU3MDM3MjJlNGNiN2U1MmQ4Yjk4MDcwY2FjMmI3NTBkNGJj Mahogany furniture has red undertones, and since green and red are complementary, or color-wheel opposites, green-toned walls provide maximum contrast. If you have dark wood floors and trim and you paint your walls a dark brown or a dark green, you have the same dark shade of color from floor to ceiling. We don’t think your woods need to match exactly, but they should be in the same hue. Hunter Douglas,And westinghouse has nice fans.Good luck hon keep us posted.With your iron railings keep that in mind and i only say that for resale value. I love seeing all that wood and I'm thrilled you won't be hiding it under paint! NDI3MGMzMjhlYjllZTRhODJlODc4ZTE3YjQzOGI3ZTlmZmI3MzY0NDkzMmI4 I think a heated tile/stone floor with a large rug would accent and define the sitting area. This is the entrance from the front door. MjNkNGJhZTIxM2YyOTNiY2YxMmY4YTZjYjc2NTkwOWY1MDZhOGZkOWQ3YzM0 enjoy. I love a room with different textures so I think a beautiful tile floor with a great area rug, and yes, paint the door to brighten up a bit and the iron railing would be perfect. As to the fireplace. Please post pictures when you're finished. Then just used wall decor, furniture, pillows, and minimal window coverings to add more light and color. Shop Now. The hardwood floors and the textured walls unify this space with their light colors and subtle movement. But know that most of us are going, Wow! I would think about painting the fireplace stone. NzI4MzcxMDVjMDBjNGMyOWQwMGRmMDM4NDc3N2Q2NTAwMGIxNTYxOGU4ZmNi Stained or painted concrete in cola colors is a big thing now. Clean the floors with a damp mop, going with the grain. This traditional, dark wood floor lets… It reminds me of a ski chalet on Lake Tahoe. The sofa was upholstered in off-white linen, with two sky blue tub chairs for accent and an interesting chest was used as the coffee table. I have large windows and the boards are all horizontal so may be different from your situation. To take your home’s transformation even further, consider different wall paint colors to make an even bigger impact! I also would have lots of area rugs. Nice room though i like it just as it is.Its all in what you want. Choose from a variety of categories and maximize your space! MmQwMTI1MDZmYWU3ODUxNGU5MmE2NTkzM2FmNDJiZDAxY2NjMzU2YTBlOTg2 Your wood color and shade blends in and there is no balance. This living room has a large row of windows lining the front wall. YmQxYTJhNmY1OTdjNWJhZDNiMDRiN2VkYTFiNGNiZjBhZWJiZDFlZjZmN2M0 This home has a LOT of potential for a person willing to do the work. @Momcat1211 Utilizing an interior decorator as a consultant is a great idea. "Property Brothers" paint fireplaces in their remodels but those are probably brick and not stone. A natural slate, ceramic, or travertine tile would be pretty with nice area rugs for a pop of colors. Painting the stone does not mean with an opaque paint. @Connie I stick by my recommendation to utilize your remodel budget on lighting versus the flooring. I like it as is. So far I definitely will not be going with wood floors, and I will not be painting the wood. Need color to make it pop. Do you know what's under the carpet? Glass paint is great stuff. I learned this when I pulled up the carpet in my house. Maybeall you may want or need to do is to think in up to dating the fire place aswell it looks good but it is a concept of many years ago. A very thin coat of wash. if there is a finish PAIN, But like i said love it the way it is just update for now. MmQ1NTViOGZjNzRmYzYxODk4MjM4NzVmYmRjODEwNDU2YTQyMTlkZDkwYmE1 YTc0ZjY3YWFhMDdiNzhlMDZiZDA0NzI3MzliMjljNmQ3NDVjZTIwNGE4MTky Pairing dark hardwood floors with a lighter paint creates balance in the room, while using a dark wall color with dark floors can make your space feel smaller, darker, and more closed in.