It is an expression that has survived in one dialect form or another down generations of Italy's millions of emigrants around the world (it is known by its Sicilian variant in the U.S. va fangul, popularized on the hit HBO series The Sopranos), alongside more wholesome words and concepts like prosciutto, mamma and amore. Results for va fangool translation from Italian to English. Fa is a shortened version of fare, meaning "to do". Vafancullo!!!!! As its name suggests, the idea of being a godfather got its start in the early Catholic Church; parents selected a close friend or family member to be a godfather … Also, I'm looking for the Italian phrases meaning "fuck off" and "shithead". Meaning of Fongool. I’ve ruined my coat!” 2.) Southern Italian dialect - "Go fuck yourself" Get the fuck donald trump neck gaiter and mug. Answer Save. In American colloquilism the phrase “ba fongool” (as seen hollered by Talia Shire in the first Godfather movie” is often obviously mistaken for the “F word” in english and again is an anglicized pronounciation of what someone posted earlier va fan culo (VAH FAHN-COOL-OH) With the closest translation being “go stick it up your ass”. What does Fongool mean? What deos it mean? Both the Dons (Vito & Michael) use the word "pezzonovante", which means ".95 caliber," or more accurately meaning "big shot". Information and translations of Fongool in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Don Zaluchi calls the sale of drugs to children as an "infamnia", or an infamy. I watch the sopranos, and am actually becoming a big fan of them, one of the insults they use are va fangool. From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. What exactly does the Italian curse "fongool" mean I looked it up on Wikipedia but couldn't get any info. Dr. Melfi's surname is a derivative of the name La Malfa which comes from the Arabic word for "port" ( al-marfa ). Va meaning for you to go, in Italian. Relevance. 1 decade ago. Anonymous. My mom, dad, and friends rarely spoke proper Italian, but spoke a combination of slang, dialect, corrupted Italian words, and made up words with Italian origins. Actually, it’s written “Vaffanculo” or “Vai a fare in culo”. Definitely, yes. meaning from the root word, "sopra" means "over" as in "over the top". 6 Answers. Favorite Answer. I am currently writing a crime novel set in New York in the 1940s, and am seeking help with Italian curse words. When you finally get where you’re going, you might say, “Che palle! API call; Human contributions. It's the last line in the song "Sandra Dee" from Grease (Hey fongool, I'm Sandra Dee) but of course I've heard it elsewhere for many years. I grew up in South Philly and was 1st generation American. Names derived from Arabic are most common in Sicily and Carlo and Connie both say "va fa 'n culo" during their fight, which means "go f**k yourself". So far, for fuck off, an Italian friend informed me years ago that it was "fungula", though I've been told… What deos va fangool mean in italian? Definition of Fongool in the dictionary. Even though the word balls is included, it isn’t a naughty thing to say, and can just mean “what the heck” or even “UGH!” Ad esempio: You are wearing a leather coat that can’t get wet, and are stuck in a torrential down pour. The first one means “Fuck off”; the second “Go fuck yourself”.
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