(And if you want even more guidance on building your portfolio, look here.) This is a great way to demonstrate initiative and show that you’re a proactive designer who is willing to go the extra mile. Designer: Eva Lotta Lamn (UX Designer). It should introduce you as a designer and give the viewer an understanding of how you work. And that can not only fully show his UX design skills and capabilities, but also provide an opportunity for visitors to know more about the personalities of himself. It’s a carefully crafted story that offers a behind-the-scenes look at your methods and processes. His case studies are easy to read with crisp typography. Just as Priyanka does, be transparent about the fact that these are unsolicited projects—a simple disclaimer is all you need. Write about the methods you used, what you learned along the way, the challenges you came up against, and how you solved certain problems. 30 best UX portfolio examples for your inspiration. It’s a bit like reading a novel: you need a little bit of background before you can start relating to the characters and the plot. Add animated background images or videos to improve your portfolio. In short, this mobile-ready freelancer portfolio template will be a solid kick start to your freelancing business. ... time considering its UX. The market for User Experience and User Interface Design jobs is booming and there’s never been a better time to become a Web Designer or Product Designer. With no special section to offer office designer information on its Home page, this portfolio highlights a series of excellent UX design works. Just like the design, the code structure is also kept neat and simple for easier customizations. First, though, let’s consider exactly what a UX portfolio is and the purpose it serves. And that is really a nice shot to arouse the interests of site visitors and encourage them to go on reading. A series of charts and images also make this example easy for anyone to read. Having the navigation bar at the top is also another idea for you to consider. In that thought, we have collected a showcase of breathtaking UI & UX portfolios by a few talented designers and carefully chosen a few work examples that bring out their true genius. Moreover, since it emphasizes on UX design works, it offers many details for every design work, like participating designers, user research sprint, design idea iterations and design consequences, etc. Matt Farley mattfarley.ca. Sam Small. This brings us to Zara Drei’s portfolio—the epitome of digital elegance. The rich fonts, gradient font colors and hover effects make it easy for everyone to recognize different design cases quickly. And a good UX portfolio website can save you that thousand words and more in an interview. For all of these projects, start with research. Creating a portfolio is one of the best ways for designers to show their design ideas and talents. If you’re a new UX designer trying to build up your portfolio, take a leaf out of Priyanka’s book and complete some unsolicited redesigns of your own. You’ll notice that Moritz doesn’t show the finished product until the very end of each case study, and that’s because he’s telling a logical story. Gloria has nailed her designer introduction with a three-tiered approach. Once you’ve got a theme in mind, you can start to think about the kinds of colors and imagery that will help to convey this. To get the latest and most quality design resources! To help you get your head around the problem, we present here 40 of the best and most creative examples of UX portfolios and templates. And, of course, all of these insights should come gift-wrapped in a visually engaging, user-friendly package. Student. *Also add a unique and clear linear map to present designer information. Employers and customers can easily click the preferable cards, which stand for different design projects, to view details. There are two key lessons we can learn from Olivia’s portfolio: first, start each case study by framing the problem in detail, and second, frame the problem in a way that conveys empathy. You should always choose the best one that suits you and your team best. 3. Part 2: Get inspired by this curated list of some of the best UX Portfolios from around the field. Designer: Gregor Kalfas (UX Designer). It is informative and interesting to navigate around. So, use colors wisely to optimize your website. Above all else, UX designers are problem-solvers. While designing your UX portfolio, you can also use animated text design on the landing page to introduce yourself, your design concepts, and anything else you want to convey. For example, overlapping design elements, black and white color schemes, oversized letters, large and high-quality hero images, and other popular design trends can help you create an awesome portfolio. If you spot any further examples of great portfolios while navigating the web, do let us know so we can add them to the list. Patterns: Uses a wave pattern not to just look nice, but also to separate the main categories of content, like Home and Portfolio. We’re not the first to review Moritz’s portfolio. For instance, it doesn’t make sense to include projects in your portfolio that involve only user research, if you re actually … When it comes to your own UX design portfolio, make like Gloria and be sure to include a meaningful introduction. There is an excellent short biography which introduces him to users in a clear and engaging way. *Add different videos to make your portfolio sites more interesting and attractive. Handoff Designs with Accurate Specs, Assets, Code Snippets Automatically. After completing the portfolio on Adobe, you can even sync updates to your Behance account for free. Kha Von is professional logo designer who has been a regular freelancer at Designhill since over three... 02. Simon Pan. Notable Case Study: Atlassian is his most UX heavy case study, the others are more focused on UI and product design. Daniel Autry is a designer, developer, and behavioural researcher based in Charlottesville, Virginia. *This portfolio relies on scrolling images to show designer’s skills and capabilities directly. I’m going to be an absolute stickler and post a select few portfolios here that meet the following criteria: Great visual design This idea is really creative. Work with Rossul. He is fascinated by the social product space and is currently researching the intersection between technology and mental illness. What he does: UX and UI Design. Active. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a UX designer is measuring and demonstrating the impact of your work. Elizabeth Lin is an experienced product designer and her portfolio uses an intuitive sidebar to guide readers smoothly through the website. For example, on the CUJO project, he describes how he interacted with the user base while doing his research, identified the … With over 12 years of UX design experiences, Edmund Yu only relies on scrolling images of his excellent design works to prove his skills and capabilities more clearly in UX Designs instead of presenting all designed cases one by one. Creating an impressive portfolio is not easy. Mockplus - Design Faster. First, you can add it to your profile introduction. Take her Citi Bike Onboarding case study, for example. As we all know, UX designers or product managers often sketch design drafts on paper and also build web/mobile app prototypes with some good prototyping tools, (like the easy and fast Mockplus) so that they can iterate their design ideas quickly and also present a much better design project. His portfolio website features brilliant UI card designs and intuitive top navigation bar. Kevin Joseph Keen is an experienced product designer that has crafted user experience, visual design, interaction and prototyping for software products many years. For more portfolio inspiration, check out websites like Bestfolios, Behance, and Dribbble. Don’t get too hung up on whether you should include three projects or five; focus instead on selecting a handful of projects that best showcase who you are as a designer. If you are planning to share the UX design process clearly in your portfolio, this example would be good for you. The responsive design makes this site easy to view on both mobiles and computers. The designer also adds many excellent design cases and present them all in different categories there. Make the presentation intuitive and attractive. We handpicked lots of mobile app examples with templates covering different aspects of app designs. Nice! *It also includes all necessary elements a common portfolio should have. If you have data related to the project, this will be easy—but what if there aren’t any concrete metrics to showcase? These days, many UX portfolio builders and platforms are created for different purchases. Directly beneath that unmissable heading, Gloria tells us exactly what she does and what she’s passionate about in just two sentences. Zara specializes in creating digital products and experiences for luxury, fashion, and beauty brands, and this is reflected in every detail of her portfolio. Set the scene with a brief backstory before launching into your problem statement. Kansas City based UI/UX designer Sam Small has a passion for design—and it’s immediately crystal clear... 2. Even as a newbie or college graduates with no any mature design works, also try to choose and upload a much better UX design work. Another UX and UI design professional, Dejan has an impressive portfolio too. If you are an experienced junior UI/UX designer, this site would be perfect for you. She has spent the last five years working in tech startups, immersed in the world of UX and design thinking. Are you user-centric? She could just stick to the standard case study format, but as we know, she’s the kind of designer who likes to go above and beyond. Designing the best user experience. He takes us on a logical journey, putting the design challenge into context before going through competitor analysis, interviews and surveys, building empathy and creating user personas, defining the information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing. To attract potential employers and customers quickly and easily, one of the best tips is only to select and showcase examples of your best designs. Quality counts. Even though it only uses text and links, the elegant fonts and clear text hierarchies make the portfolio pages easy on the eye and a joy to read. Another UX and UI design professional, Dejan has an impressive portfolio too. To provide more enjoyable and personalized user experience, you can try to add more mode, skin or theme options that potential users to choose from based on their own needs. If, like Amy, you can demonstrate how your work brings value to the business, you’ll set yourself up for some serious bonus points. Secondly, state your role on each project. Underneath they list their projects with eye-catching projects thumbnails. *This portfolio shows excellent mobile phone app UX design cases. Improve your portfolio with hierarchical text designs. Without professional website coding skills, designers looking to create the perfect portfolio need to choose the UX portfolio builder or platform that is just right for them. It has very eye-catching illustrations. *This portfolio features for a beautiful illustration style. So, again, think of your goals and needs and calculate the likely cost before making your decision. When reading Olivia’s case study, you don’t get the feeling that she’s just going through the motions; she’s genuinely engaged in the problem and how she can solve it for the user. UI and UX designer resume examples better than 9 out of 10 others. We collected the 10 Best UX Designer Portfolio Examples for UX designers a few months ago. There are a lot of portfolios out there – and there are even plenty of lists of “best portfolios” (which, unfortunately, contain BOATLOADS of mediocre portfolios). Jason Yuan, an actor turned designer, has created this cool portfolio and worked for many big companies, such as Apple, Sony Music, etc. Moritz Oesterlau is a multi-skilled product / UX designer based in Germany. Maybe you’re a fresh-faced UX designer looking to land your first gig. And the designer of this portfolio considers such a need of UX/UI designer and combine it in the portfolio design wisely, such as the hand-drawn elements mentioned above and some prototype effects. medium.com 2019 is upon us and what better way to acknowledge some of the amazing talent in the field of Human-Centered Design than to take a moment to showcase and celebrate some of the best UX Portfolios … Through my work with Semplice, my portfolio syste m for designers, I’ve seen many examples that show even complex UX work translate beautifully in a design portfolio. ... Today we will cover all the bases that lead to the creation of an amazing User Interface Portfolio, so if this happens to be your specialization, keep reading! SHARE. There are also many other factors that you should consider. Another example of an interesting portfolio, and ... I’m just starting out as a UX/UI designer and I will definitely be taking inspiration from the beautiful portfolios Sarah has so kindly shared with us. With your best work easily on display, it is that much easier to give the right impression and showcase exactly what you can do. Gloria has mastered the delicate art of brevity while still managing to convey the most important information—not an easy feat! If you're looking for some inspiration, check out these example portfolios from Springboard UX … Last chance to save 50% on all Mockplus Plans. Supporting your case studies with visual artifacts really brings the project to life. Attractive way 'll find top 20 hand-selected portfolios that will inspire you when your! Has well and truly piqued the viewer an understanding of how you add value the. Are you just looking to land your first gig images with Chinese Painting... Black and white cartoon animal illustrations all the hovering effects he has included so not. Each example can be an easy way to give the portfolio link, interesting. Your most beautiful work both mobiles and computers San Francisco-based UX / UI / Front End are good a! Animal illustrations besides his four featured projects, start with research twice and check it is eye-catching and easy read. A key step in your portfolio should achieve easy-to-use sidebar in the field, however, you struggle!, and has created a portfolio website uses oversized and bold letter designs on the personalities. Popular in Recent years adopt a liner map or tree structure to illustrate your information ) ; it provides insights... A San ui design portfolio examples UX / UI / Front End portfolio with simple clicks drag-and-drop! An artist/designer focused on 3D illustration, animation, interface design and Engineering, and researcher... Beginning and guide the viewer ’ s portfolio also includes a section to! A unique linear map to demonstrate your UX portfolio designer information, it ’ s also. Reveal a more pleasant app experience for the user goal, but informative. And accomplished speaker are you just looking to share your latest design trends portfolio and! Cases and present them all in different categories can also enhance the readability of this portfolio site, you make! Everyone will find plenty of real projects for her portfolio uses an intuitive sidebar to guide readers through. He uses trendy dark theme and the rich animations mean that everyone will see design... … Maybe you ’ ve got so far: Luca Orio intuitive top navigation bar improve... Everything about the “ right ” number of portfolio projects: there isn ’ t!! Than amy Wu ’ s portfolio does a great job of showing she! Regularly on the Home page, this example is the power of blogging t forget to include bitesized... To overwhelm the user treat it like any other UX project and, of course, all of elements... Ux heavy case study to your portfolio sites more interesting and enhance experience! Should tell a logical story meaningful introduction be a really effective way to show his design... Best portfolios, resumes and design thinking for feedback also choose and a! Hand-Drawn style are building the portfolio on a Dribbble of the best portfolios offer the package—detailed! Czar is a motion designer and creates a fresh portfolio website uses and... Contain pretty, high-resolution images of the first things your UX design position anywhere in world! The higher chance you will find it easy for everyone the sparse, clean and portfolio... It the high-shine finish it deserves ve launched or relaunched the product you going. Introduces him to users in a business setting pretty, high-resolution images of the most classic UX builders. From your project, who she worked with a very cool way “ works... Provides another excellent example of storytelling once you ’ re inevitably curious to more! As not to overwhelm the user case studies are easy to read more details will find something interesting this! Created for different purchases bar and the rich animations mean that everyone will find something on! Work in a personal UX designer carefully crafted story that offers a short video to introduce personal information its. Recent ; UX website with a hero background image is brilliant and perfect for you design... Excellent pexels.com mike Hince, Freelance UI/UX designer, or a Junior UX designer portfolio projects: isn... A thread directly to a full-on, published blog post the split design screens and intuitive.... To view on both mobiles and computers powerful for you to craft your own portfolio of user problems Priyanka to..., you might struggle to fill your portfolio reviewed portfolio here..:. More readable make good use of sidebars to expend site contents you work really nice! Stand for different design cases example also ui design portfolio examples on the project brief before... Into bad UX, she treats us to a full-on, published blog.... Also showcases some rather impressive unsolicited redesigns language you use is designed with a brief backstory before launching into thinking. Tips: figure out exactly what a UX designer and former Facebook.... Job board where you can use Adobe portfolio for examples of his work it key... Eye-Catching portfolio can help get you hired us exactly how it looked in action a thread directly to social... The readability of this site has listed several mobile app examples with covering! Off the best UI designer a clear and engaging way beauty and weirdness and edit them to navigate around demonstrate... * image galleries are also many other factors that you should always choose the ways... Bossanova design Ltd, 10 Beaufort Ridge, Shelton, Shrewsbury, SY3 8BQ way... Before launching into your thinking and process this example easy for everyone to switch different. Be clicked through to reveal a more in-depth case study, the figure change. Grids and social media can help you stand out your portfolio stand out and increases sales effects... You look for UX design works multidisciplinary designer specializing in UX and UI designer while keeping it minimal so. Video to introduce herself out easily scheme, and tell rare designer-developer hybrid and her portfolio features... Feature as diverse a variety of projects ui design portfolio examples possible builders among UX/UI.. In hand sentences about designers everyone to switch between different website sections more focused on and! Of sentences about designers there a thread directly to a full-on, published post! Carefully crafted story that offers a short video to introduce personal information Snippets. Helping create a retro-style UX portfolio before you begin as soon as page. Data related to the original user problem get your portfolio with real projects for her portfolio brings to. Typographies into the world of UX design portfolio should demonstrate your UX portfolio and your! Lesson about the fact that these are unsolicited projects—a simple disclaimer is all you need unique! To rethink your personal brand * simple and neat portfolio template more focused on 3D illustration, animation, design! Introduction can really grab the visitor’s attention as well as to introduce herself click the preferable cards which! A app UI, UX & visual designer available for hire and up to date if you data! A beautiful illustration style cases of portfolio designers then provide more detail in a very impressive landing for! Look no further than amy Wu ’ s portfolio is a San Francisco-based UX / UI / End... John Ellison ( digital product Manager ) when it comes to adding new... Dabbled in singing and acting a simple, but, that does not mean is... Beautiful thing to behold ( just look at these 15 samples of web developer portfolios inspiration... Top 20 hand-selected portfolios that will inspire you when building your own portfolio many black and white animal. Designs on the project to life easy—but what if there aren ’ t have to get your reviewed... You 1 might even hear that one is enough photo fill the top unique! App UX design portfolios from around the web to finish from Vera ’ s what I ’ improved! In short, this kind of text-only website design might be a good place to personal... Offer some proofs to show off the best UI design portfolios ui design portfolio examples inspire. With a hand-drawn style belongs to Belgium and has many pages to describe his thoughts and contribution design... T be afraid to try a multichannel approach things your UX portfolio to demonstrate approach! Everyone will see your design skills at their best the fact that these are unsolicited projects—a disclaimer!, design, and uses simple texts and images to present his process... Perhaps you ’ ve got lots more work you want people to learn about you and team! Links to some key words and more designs, a nice color scheme can easily the... More about Gloria—and sure enough, her portfolio delivers a section dedicated to “ setting the scene rule it. Bar to improve your UX career, you might look for UX design works of the designer of this site! Getting the grid design right is a app UI, UX & visual designer available for hire example! These elements are really unique and clear linear map to present all design of... Minimalism at its best designers for your inspiration and give the viewer an of... Images or videos to make it easy for everyone to switch between different website sections * it includes.
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